Ecuador and Galapagos

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Is Peru accessible?
Even though the tendency is changing, we would not consider Peru as a fully accessible country. There is where Inka Wheelchairs comes along, since the tours, activities and routes we select are pretty accessible We take care of transportation, hotels, attractions, tours so you can expect good accessibility of our packages.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people to book a package?
There is not a minimum number of tourists, however prices change drastically between 1 to 2 persons doing the tour, since it is a private basis tour. We usually intend to have 4 tourist traveling at the same time, even if they have met each other……We recommend to contact us and we will guide you through the options. In the other hand, we try to have a group of max 6 tourist, as fully accessible roll in showers rooms are limited. If you have a bigger group, we can certainly discuss the options and work a group of 8-10 wheelchair users with some restrictions. Please contact us to discuss about it.

Do I have to come on certain dates?
Because we visit Machu Picchu which is highly visited during certain time of the year, we recommend to take this trip between March-April and May and October-November.

Who helps me in case that I lose my passport or need something urgent?
We have staff in Lima and Cusco, who will be joining you at all times, so anything you need we will assist you and take care of everything.

Is it possible to tailor made my tour?
Of course!! There are some tourists that want to visit PERU, but they have specific interests, so we can organize together the activities you would be mostly interested on.

In the standard packages would I be traveling with people from different nationalities?
Yes. We travel in groups of four, so unless you come in a party of four, most likely you will have the chance to share the experience with nice people that share the adventure spirit of traveling. We find this as an opportunity to make friends and experiences. Of course if you want to travel on your own this can be arranged as well.

How do I get to Peru?
All major airlines have direct flights to Lima. Depending on your departure country you may fly American Airlines, KLM, AirFrance, Iberia, Taca etc.


Is there manual lifting from my wheelchair in the tour?
You will need some assistance throughout the tour, specifically to get into the train and bus to Machu Picchu, which is done by manually lifting you from the ground into the train and bus. We do this procedure with train staff and have equipment to make in a safe way.

In case of electric chairs, can I do the tour on one?
We strongly recommend using a manual wheelchair. You can bring your scooter along for using it at the hotel or certain areas, but we will use a manual wheelchair for most part of the tour.

Are your tours 100% accessible?
We have worked and selected hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation, and services that are very accessible. However you might expect places and or attractions that might not be fully accessible, such as train and bus to Machu Picchu. The hike through it we use off road wheelchairs, which gives us access to the ruins. So we have carefully select hotels where the accessibility is great, to give you time and a place to feel totally comfortable and during the activities we rough it up a little bit in order to see things. Trust us that is totally worth it, and none of the activities present a potential risk to your safety. We recommend our clients to have an open mind about specific inconveniences but of course in general we work towards making the tours accessible. We establish contact with our clients and determine their needs, wishes and requirements in terms of accessibility.


Are my tours different that the standard ones?
Not at all!! Basically we do the same activities, visit the same places, have the same experiences as our regular tours. The only difference is the time required to do the activities, therefore the number of activities we do per day.



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